For a clear transparency between the school teachers, parents and students we have created an education management software application. This school management system application can be easily access on the smartphones and web panel. With the effective use of Classpie application, handling huge data of students can be a real ease for the management and administration department of educational institutes. With the advanced technology, it’s easy to completely eliminate the paperwork from the schools and college offices.

Prime Features of Classpie Software System:

1. Role Based Access: On role basis the access of our school management software application is assigned. Only the administration department has the full control over the application. But, the parents and school teachers have access to only a few menus such as assignment details, test results and notifications for upcoming events.

Role Based Access: in classpie software
bulk Messaging System of classpie software

2. Messaging System: Instead of the traditional way of talking over a phone or through a visit at campus. With the ease of our designed college management software Classpie app the communication process has really slacken. The college/school management system can easily broadcast a message to all the parents regarding any event and in vice-versa the parents too can ask for any query.

3. Insightful Reports: All the detailed reports of student’s exam time-table, course curriculum and other reports of participation in any activity can be easily viewed through our developed college ERP software. In the excel as well as pdf format, the detailed reports of a student can be download.

 Insightful Reports of classpie software
classpie multi purpose dashboard

4. Dashboard: With the assistance of charts, pie-charts and graphs, you can easily view the number of students present on a specific date in a particular section of a class. Through the different pictorial stickers, you can easily view the boys and girls ratio, students present in each stream and many other things.

5. Fees Management: The entire fee structure of a student taken in an entire year can be view on an online portal. On the cloud-based system, all the fee data is being upload. The status of pending fee and fee given to the institute till yet can be easily monitored by the school administrative staff and parents too.

Fees Management in classpie app

Privileges of Availing Classpie Application:

Safe and Secure of classpie software

1. Safe and Secure: Being developed over a cloud-based platform, all the information over the Classpie application is fully safe and secure. The highly sensitive and confidential information can be access by the authorized persons only. With the leverage of cloud secured system, the official persons can upload the data at anytime and from any place.

2. Bulk Uploading: Only the administration and teachers have the right to upload the data on the system. Through the excel file sheets, the data is transferred over the Classpie software to make it viewable among the public within a few minutes.

Bulk Uploading data with classpie software
SMS Notification of Attendance in classpie software

3. SMS Notification of Attendance: With the leverage of RFID technology in our school management software, the attendance detail of students is shared with the parent through the SMS. The parents have to no longer wait for parents teacher meeting to know the regularity of the child in the institute.

4. All Assignment at One Place: The parents can view the daily homework assigned by the teacher to their child. With the regular updates from the school about the exam, assignment and upcoming events, the engagement level of parents with their child will definitely increase.

All Assignment at One Place in classpie system

With the usage of our school ERP software application by different schools, colleges and other educational institutes, it has really eased the task of handling large data of students in a smart and quick-witted way.

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