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Pratibha Academy is one of the prime extra-curricular activity center that is having it’s main branch located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The institute is presently having alliances with more than 170 + educational institute. With an overall enrollment of 1,68,000 students till yet, the academy is having 26 branches wide-spread all over Gujarat state.

The academy is providing top-notch trainers and mentors for training the students in different activities. Through Pratibha Academy the children’s can get engage in any activity that suits their interest. Primarily, the institute is offering creative, brainstorming and refreshing activities to the students of all age-groups. For boosting the confidence and for developing interest of children’s in different activities, the academy is conducting various events and programs at state, city and other levels.

Challenges Faced by Pratibha

For handling the database of 1,68,000 students from diverse centers and for proper coordination among the staff members of Pratibha, it was very much vital to create a centralized system where the things can be properly managed within minimum time-period.

1. Firstly, all the work of collecting the fees from the students and making the fees entry in registers was very lengthy, time-consuming and stress-taking work.

2. All the accounting and financial things were done manually that leads to controversies of finding the profit or loss percentage on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

3. During the re-location of any student from one center to another, the settlement of fees becomes a problematic thing for the accounting department.

4. Distinct activities have different fees and their fee-structure do varies according to the age-group and category of course. Therefore, handling all the data separately is a very difficult task.

Solutions Offered by Us to Pratibha Academy

After viewing their business and having insights of their problems, we have developed a customized software application for them. With the usage of Laravel, MySQL and Framework 7 technology, we have created a centralized system that can streamline the entire business for all the centers of academy.

1. In our created management system software, the access of dashboard is being given according to the designation and job role. Through the role-based access system, a particular person can view only the concerning things that are relevant to his job-role.

2. All the financial reports can be viewed and also can be easily download through our designed software in a fraction of seconds.

3. Every course fee, course duration, course teacher, course timings and other things can be easily viewed on just a single click over the software.

4. As it is a centralized software system, it delivers full-transparency and clarity to all the staff members seating at different centers.


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