Procure Box


Procure Box is a web-portal as well as mobile application for connecting the commercial gas cylinder consumers with their local area distributor. With a specter vision to solve the real-time problem through an actionable solution, Procure Box fixes out the issue of manual working through an online accessible portal. Through the shared access of an online gateway between IOCL, Dominos and Procure Box, the booking, tracking and delivery of gas cylinders has become a quick and hassle-free process. Having a dynamic team of 15 + employees engaged in the activities of supervision and backend, Procure Box has delivered a smart solution for its consumers.

Speaking about the Procure Box Application

With the bridging up of Dominos with IOCL through the Procure Box application, the consumers really feel painless to book the gas cylinders. All the manual processing of work done through the phone-calls and on paper are being digitally replaced through a developed application.

Challenges faced by IOCL

1. In the manual processing of work, a wide percentage of labor force time and organization resources is being devoted. It leads to unnecessary expenditure of finances and amenities.

2. All the database was being recorded only on paper. It was highly insecure and unsafe to keep the confidential and sensitive information on paper which can be easily crumbled.

3. The finance department was facing mismanagement issues with the invoice bill generation and payment statement.

4. There was no streamline flow of work between the lead generation and fulfillment of leads.

5. Due to a non-proper record of delivered ordered, upcoming delivery and intake of orders, the logistics and shipment department have to look out at diversified things.

6. Not a proper track of the daily activities and detailed insights of a sales can be fetched up effectively. All the communications were made verbal. It makes lead to a person-to-person communication for tracking out in-depth information of a specified consumer.

Solutions Delivered

The infographic shown below reveals association of IOCL and Dominos via.Procure Box:


With the leverage of our developed application, precisely a number of benefits can be easily availed:

1. All the order number, SAP code of distributors, branch code (DPI) and transaction details of payment can be viewed out at single web-page of a portal.

2. View out what exactly would be the costing of total purchase of gas cylinders without even processing for the payment procedure.

3. Automated buzzing system when the order is not delivered within 24 hours of order booking.

4. As per the system update, 23 days grace period is allotted for clearing the payment. But in an adverse situation, if the client is not able to pay the bills, then automatically the account of customer will get blocked on 24 day.

5. With the assistance of large server storage capacity, more than 50,000 of invoice generated bills can be saved in the system.

6. Having a customized dashboard, the options of pre-payment, payment through Netbanking and other featured features can also be added.

Role Based Dashboard

With the assistance of role based dashboard specified information according to the user’s requirement for completing the action is displayed on the dashboard. Restricted access according to user’s authorization is given over the control panel.

How the Order Gets Processed Through System?

Through the designed application among a number of gas distributors, your nearby gas distributor details can be viewed out. Following it, by entering the SAP code the booking status, as well as new booking of an order, can be traced. When an order is delivered an automated invoice is being generated for the payment.

Earlier there was no transparency in the system. For a quick, easy and transparent communication the online platform for booking is considered more compatible.

Logistics and Shipping Workflow

Shipping, Delivery, Payment and Tracking of Orders

With every order, there is an icon placed adjacently for knowing its present status. The color of icon automatically gets alter as soon as the order gets delivered. The yellow color icon signifies pending status as well as green color shows the delivery of an order.

The workflow of logistics and shipment process is as described through the following stages:

Results- Procure Box Alliances with IOCL and Dominos

1. Through the manual processing, it took around 52 hours to complete the booking process. But with the ease of online platform development, the entire process of ordering gas cylinder can be done in a fraction of 20 seconds.

2. All the persons associated in the process i.e. IOCL field manager, Dominos branch manager as well as Procure Box administrator can glimpse out the status of any order. It gives a full-transparency and clarity over the intact system.

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