Mobile City is a New York based company having 34 sprint stores operating across New York and New Jersey. It is one of the leading stores in wireless retail industry having more than 200+ employees. The company provides all the services of wireless services that include product selling, repairing, maintenance and other solutions. Located at the prime location the organization has a well-trained staff to deliver excellent and incomparable services to the customers.


1. For assigning the daily tasks to every employee and keeping a track over it becomes puzzling and hard enough.

2. There are high chances of human made mistakes and error in the work because of the limited time for completion of tasks.

3. All the employees do the reporting in different formats. There is no structured or format fixed for submitting the work completion.

4. Integrating the files and data of every project on a single platform is a time-consuming and tedious work to do.

5. The briefing of every project and all the materials related to it is difficult to found at a single place after a long period of time.

Solutions We Built

We have created such a system that ease the working process of employees. It assists the worker to find the assignments assign to them and ease in reviewing them. Here, we have shared some of the prime features of Cloint software system:

1. With the assistance of Custom Revert Form Builder (CRFB) the reporter can respond to the employee for doing alterations or submitting it in another format.

2. The employee can also attach an image, video, audio or text for making it easier to the viewer for understanding it.

3.For getting a confirmation from the upper authority members and for avoiding unnecessary conflicts it a smart software for getting the orders confirmed. It gives clear-cut transparency for making decisions.

4. With the usage of this software, the employees doesn’t needs to be continuously reminded of the deadlines. Through the notification feature, the employees will get to know the assignments that need to be completed by them, revisions in the already completed tasks or anything else related to their work.

5. With the leverage of Custom UI Builder (CUB) the admin and branch admin can create entire task processing.

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