Mobilecity Business Analytics Solution


Mobile City is a New York based Company having 34 sprint stores operating across New York and New Jersey. It is one of the leading store in wireless retail industry. Seeing the growth and annually turnover, the organisation is planning to expand their store number by 100 in the next 2 years. Every store is located at prime location with a well-trained staff working to deliver matchless and quality solutions to the customer. For all the wireless solutions, advance products, plans and services mobile city offer customised solutions.


1. Every hour the store manager has to download four excel sheet files from distinct software and compile them for knowing the exact status of sales.

2. A single mismatch in the sales figure can turn into complicate issues and mishap. Therefore, 100% accuracy is needed while integrating the data from four different excel sheets.

3. Downloading the excel sheets every hour, combining them and again uploading them for sending to the District Manager. It becomes a too much time-consuming process.

How the Task Management System Works?


Solutions We Built

We have created such a software that the Employees, Store Manager, Branch Manager, Sales VP and Principal person can view the sales record of any store and at anytime.

1. For making the Store Manager work easy and hassle-free, we have created an online software tool. With the leverage of our developed advance technological tool the entire working system of store, district and principal manager has become effortless.

2. With the aid of our online developed platform, the manpower working hours has turned to zero. All the 34 stores are now accessing a single application for entering their individualized sales record.

3. Overall, the productivity of an organization has increased to a great extent as the manual work has completely eliminated. The entire paper-work have shifted to an online platform. It has highly reduce the risk of data leakage and also the vital information remains confidential among employees.

4. We have integrated Twilio API which sends periodically message to specified users. We have integrated custom implemented BOT with the SMS system which logs in to system on hourly basis and import necessary excel files. A system will execute all the files,  generate necessary statistics based on files and send SMS to dedicated users. This entire process does save their plenty of human hours.

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