ERP-Saraswati Education & Medical Trust


Saraswati and Medical Education Trust is a campus situated at Borsad, Gujarat from 2005. There are two schools running in the entire campus. One is the English medium school and another is Gujarati medium. Both the schools are having classes from kinder-garden to higher secondary. Only science stream can be opted in higher secondary by students. At presently, the total strength of both the schools is more than 2800 students. The mission of school is to bring out the best of every child. Apart from the academic education, the school also offer extra-curricular activities to the students. With the active participation in other activities, the students are able to improve their overall personality by building confidence, developing maturity abilities and boosting courage.

Challenges faced by SEMT Institute:

As the strength of school is large, therefore, handling the personalized data of every candidate is a very tough, time-consuming and laborious work. Here, we have discussed a few challenges that the institution was regularity facing while working.
1. All the database were stored in large excel sheets that is very much difficult to maintain and time-consuming.

2. The burden of finance department becomes too much to collect the fees, make the entry in the records and giving back the parent’s payment receipt.

3. All the daily activities records weren’t streamline and no detailed insight of any matter can be correctly gathered.

4. Due to the manual process of working over paper and pen, the vital and sensitive information can be very easily gets leaked. It might constraint the trust of parents and other people over the institute staff.

5. For knowing the exact information and details, a person-to-person communication needs to create that becomes too much problematic and hard.

Solutions We Built:

With the help of out proposed application, we have overcome the challenges faced by the institute:

1. It assists the financial department members to easily know that the due fees, received fees according to the class and individualized class-section.

2. With the leverage of our designed payroll system, all the things i.e. leave balance, payment, dues, payment details etc can be easily accessed through a single click.

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