Cocktail Lounge


Located at a prestige location in Thailand, Cocktail lounge has its two branches at recognized area of Pattaya street. The main business of lounging is to serve distinct types of drinks to the customer. The top-notch drinks offered by lounge are Beer, Whisky, Vodka, Rum and fruit juices. The mission of Cocktail lounge is to provide prompt services with excellency par quality of drinks and beverages. Having a wide variety of mock and cocktails, the bistro proffers licking wines and refreshing drinks.

Problems Faced by Cocktail Lounge

1. Through the manual processing, the entire sales and purchase order data was recorded. It leads to the difficulty of calculating the daily sales and profit margin earned.

2. The revenue earned by each individual staff member and it’s percentage of contribution in sales was not recorded digitally. It leads to miscalculation of individual employee sales figure and mismanagement of sales figure record.

3. No tracking of sales and in-stock record of drinking bottles was made. Many times it leads to a shortage in supply of certain drinks at the lounge.

4. With the periodic calculation of sales, the entire billing process is done at the end of week or month. As immense data is retrieved in the whole month, it outbreaks into the calculation done through human beings. As the store manager do the counting and totaling of money, there might be mistakes while computing.

Solutions Built by Us for Cocktail Lounge

After viewing and deeply analyzing the problems faced by Lounge store managers and upper authorities, we try to assist out by providing them a cloud based software solution for managing the entire things of lounge.


1. The entire details of stock available in store can be viewed out on an online portal which can be accessed from anyplace and from any device having internet access.

2. With the leverage of our cloud-based software application, the store manager has access to generate the entire sales record of lounge. As per the wish, the supervisor of store can email the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually sales statement record.

3. Automatic every staff member sales number will be reflected on the dashboard. It will ease the process to calculate the total turn-over and profit percentage earned by every sales executive.

4. As Token based system is set-up, the entire tracking of order, delivery and payment details can easily fetch up with the token number.

5. Customized report can be generated by the store owner and he/she can also do the business insight view through anyplace and at anytime within three clicks.

6. The cloud-based system is entirely safe and secure for transcribing highly sensitive and vital information over it.

After the adoption of our cloud-based developed management system, the lounge really feels the ease to effectively handle the business. With the utility of our designed software, the working of lounge can be made more streamlined, planned and systematic.

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