Top 10 advantages of Classpie education management system
By Admin / 17 Jan 2019
Education management system, as the name suggests involves the management of all the processes that are performed inside an Educational Organization.

This includes the management of the sectors like – Administration, Classes, Teacher’s data, Student’s Data and the data that is to be represented to the parents in the form of regular reports.

Unlike the conventional system where all the records were manually maintained in the ‘hard – copy’ format, Classpie is here to digitalize all the records and along with that, Classpie also creates an efficient mode of communication between parents and teachers, teachers and administration and also between teachers and their students.

Classpie is a school management system that takes care of everything! It ensures that parents and students are kept updated about the progress made by the student in the class and also allows parents to interact effectively with the teachers and in turn with the school. The top ten benefits of a School management system are listed as follows:

Classpie system is Ease of access, Better Productivity, Effective and transparent communication

1. Ease of access:

Rather than going through lengthy documents to search for specific information, it is better to adopt the smart School Management System.

Since everybody has access to the Internet, Smartphones / Computers, it is better to handle all the working and interaction of an Educational system through a School Management software.

2. Better Productivity:

Wastage of time is significantly reduced with the help of a Smart School Management System. All the processes are handled in a single click and transfer of data is also handled efficiently.

The communication process and data sharing is made seamless. The school staff can now work on other important tasks in the time that the School Management System saves.

3. Effective and transparent communication:

Since this Education management system follows strict protocols that provide transparency in the working of the Educational Institute, it is the best way to avoid any discrepancies in the management process of all the sectors.

It creates a proper chain if communication inside the Educational Institute and in between the staff and the parents.

classpie system Reduces Workload

4. Reduces Workload:

The school management system takes care of almost all the tasks that were performed redundantly by the staff members and thus it reduces the workload on the staff.

It handles the assignment distribution, the report generation, and the query handling along with various accountancy related tasks.

This is one-time-stop for all the predefined tasks that an Educational system performs.

5. Parents know everything:

The School Management system focusses on helping the parents raise extraordinary kids. This system provides all the required notifications regarding the child’s attendance, his/her performance, behavior and the assignments allotted in class.

Everything is made available online so there is not gap in communication between the school and the parents.

6. Increase in Enrolment:

Once a school adopts this effective School Management system, enrolments are bound to increase.

This system creates a healthy and transparent environment for both the kids and the parents who want their kid to succeed through hard work and dedication.

This system makes a school capable of effectively focusing on imparting knowledge rather than working on the redundant tasks that the Educational Management system handles.

Classpie system provides Online access to Study Material

7. Online access to Study Material:

In case a student lags behind in his studies and need guidance, the School Management system is here to help him/her get back on track!

Instead of arranging for repetitive ‘extra-classes’ for students, online material is a better way to give the child all the necessary information related to the curriculum along with extra – curricular knowledge as well.

8. Access from Anywhere:

Parents can access their child’s data from anywhere by simply logging into their account. Their account can be accessed on their smartphone as well.

All they need is an internet connection to get their child’s information from the School Management System.

9. Secure and efficient Data Storage and Management:

All the data is securely stored under one single software. Different authorities are assigned different data manipulation and data access rights.

This software stores data securely and all the data can be accessed via authorized parties through their assigned account.

Classpie system optimize Saves Resources

10. Saves Resources:

This education management system is completely paper-free and thus helps us save the environment. Along with saving paper and resources used for printing the pages, this system also reduces the dependency on Human Resources for conveying the data.
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Python Pandas: Learning and its Applications
By Admin / 27 Nov 2018
Python is a powerful, object-oriented programming language. With a simple and easy to use syntax, python programming is a perfect language for learning computer programming. It allows to focus on the solution rather than syntax. If we are talking in computer programming language then pandas is a software library written in Python language for data manipulation and analysis. Through it, the data analysis can be done in a simpler way. In a wide variety of fields that includes finance, economics, statistics and analytics etc. python pandas can be used in daily practice.

Here, we have shared some of the benefits of using Python for data analysis over other languages such as Java, C, C++ and others:

1. Less Coding: In the least number of lines the programming can be done. On the anaconda platform, the speed for development and execution is very good. It is an easy language to learn and use. Even less time is required for doing coding. The data can be easily computed into commodity machines, desktop, cloud, laptop etc and there is no limitation over data processing.

2. Powerful Packages: For a wide range of data science and analytical needs python offers a powerful set of packages. We are going to discuss some of he popular packages:

I. NumPy: For all the operations related to linear algebra, Fourier transforms and random number crunching python can be used for scientific computing. Being a multi-dimensional generic data container, python can be integrated with distinct databases.

II. Pandas: For dealing with data structures and operations of manipulating numerical tables the python data analysis library offers a range of functions.

III. SciPy: For common data science and engineering tasks of interpolation, linear algebra, image processing and ODE solvers SciPy contains modules for scientific and technical computing.

IV. Tensorflow: For research in deep neural networks Tensorflow machine learning library is developed by Google’s team. With the leverage of flexible architecture and data flow graphs through a single API operation and computation of data can be done.

V. PyBrain: Using a wide variety of simple and powerful algorithms for machine learning tasks, Pybrain offers python based reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence and neural network library.

3. Compatibility with Hadoop: Hadoop is the most popular open-source big-data platform. It has a very great inherent compatibility with Python. The PyDoop package offers access to HDFS API for Hadoop. Therefore, you can easily write Hadoop MapReduce programs and applications.

4. Ease of Learning: Due to ample learning resources, readable coding and large community support are the three reasons that make python language easy to learn for non-programmers. With the assistance of a large community, if in case you stuck in a problem then there will be a number of fellows to resolve it.

Apart from it, there are a few things in which the pandas provides exceptional features:

> All the floating and non-floating points can be easily handled.

> From the python dataframe, the columns can be inserted and deleted. Python drop function allows to drop/remove one or more column from the dataframe.

> Intelligently slicing, fancy indexing and sub-setting of large data sets can be labeled.

> Merging and joining datasets intuitively.

> Hierarchical labeling of axes.

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Magento Ecommerce Solutions for Combating Shopping Cart Abandonment
By Admin / 31 Oct 2018

For every e-commerce industry facing cart abandonment issues is a very common matter. In this blog, we have tried to covered the key reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Consequently, we have shared some valuable suggestions for reducing the shopping cart abandonment.

According to a research study, it is being found that 77.3% carts are being abandoned in 2017. It is a matter of high concern to deliver exceptional shopping experience as there a number of competitors in today’s highly competitive e-commerce business.

Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

1. Taxes and Shipping Charges
Before buying the product from online portal, the consumer do navigates a number of websites. After viewing reviews, ratings, delivery time-period, shipping charges and price the customer do take a step forward to buy the product. After putting the item into cart and finalizing it for buying, often customer encounters the issues of various taxes and shipping amount added on final price. It leads to increase in price of product which dissatisfy the customer at last moment of time.

Three out of four shopping carts are abandon from buyers due to the hidden costing which are displayed at the final time of payment.

2. One Page Checkout
After viewing the product and completing all the formalities of creating an account, putting the item into cart and entering payment details, the customer feels extorted. The buyer wants to buy the product in an easy, hassle-free and in minimum number of steps.

With the complications of not having the preferred bank, cash on delivery features etc. the customer becomes unhappy. It results in cart abandonment and also lead to loss of buyer.

3. Optimized web store performance
Mostly, the magento e-commerce websites are too heavy because of images, content and number of items. These websites takes a lot of time to get opened. These things wastes the user’s time and the buyer too doesn’t like to browse the website after waiting for a long period of time.

By reducing page size, compressing data and limiting social plugins the website can be made lighter and quick-witted to use.

4. Doesn’t provide wide selection of payment options
At the time of checking out, if any customer is not able to find it’s preferred way of doing payment, then there are very high chances of cart abandonment. Therefore, it is necessary to provide multiple number of payment options. For example, through Debit/Credit cards of VISA, Maestro and RuPay and various others.

Apart from the online payment facilities, the cash on delivery/EMI payment feature must also be option for the buyers. It provides the user with a wide number of check-out choices to do.

5. Security Concerns
Security of website is one of the primary aspect that the user is looking at before investing money. Leakage of data and confidential information like that of debit/credit numbers, pin number and CVV particulars is becoming quite fast.

Therefore, the protection of user’s data from criminal offence and cybercrimes must be some of the preeminent things that must be precisely taken care of.

6. UX Related Issues
From comparing the products tag prices, features and shipping time-period the Ecommerce web and app should provide seamless experience to shopper. If the journey of buyer goes smoothly from viewing the items, picking up and carrying out payment, then only the visitor is going to turn into a purchaser.

Here, we are sharing some Ecommerce business solutions for successfully dealing with shopping cart abandonment problems:

1. Delivery date and comment
By adding delivery date functionality feature in the Magento e-commerce development the buyers do feel trust and have faith on the online store. Apart from it, there are other functionality features of delivery time interval, holidays and delivery exceptions that can be added for making it easy for users to track the things.

2. Speed checkout process
The customers believes in purchasing through a portal that is safe and efficient in using. By reducing the number of steps at the time of checkout, the chances of earning profit and increasing conversation rates becomes high.

3. Instant customer support services
The customer have multiple number of questions running in their mind when they place an order. Like as that of change in address, phone number, delay in shipment and various others. The user loves to get a quick response. If the buyer gets online support from customer support executives, then definitely it will result in less number of cart abandonment issues.

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How has Artificial Intelligence Changed the way Mobile Applications Look?
By Admin / 17 Oct 2018
With a wide number of applications such as predictive analysis, intelligent communications, voice commands, data mining, facial expression recognition and various others things artificial intelligence proves to be its presence in every sphere of life. On the industrial sectors of travel, advertisement, machinery and telecommunication artificial intelligence is leaving great impact.

Artificial intelligence has enrich the customer experience in every industry and has made the decision-making process faster. Here, we have discussed how the applications of artificial intelligence has affected the mobile industry:

1. Difficult Investigation
There are many difficult jobs that requires a lot of human efforts. But with the assistance of robots the work can be done efficiently and effectively. In the industries of fuel and mining there is a lot of search and analysis requirement. Consequently, artificial intelligence proves to be a very useful asset.

2. Tedious Tasks Effortlessly
For finishing tedious tasks that are very much exhausting and tiring for people. Artificial intelligence proves to be a very competent that relieves the stress of work from employees. The employees can do the work with more intelligence and they can easily focus on vital things that are important for streamlining the business.

3. Lesser Number of Errors
For the high level of accuracy in calculations or predictive analysis artificial intelligence machines are best one to rely on. The chances of error generation are almost zero if the right figures are being entered. The artificial machines are very much imperative in handling these tasks and jobs.

4. Chatbots
For bridging the conversation between customer and employer chatbot can effectively do human conversation. The chatbot are designed using artificial intelligence technology. Through it, multiple conversations with different users can be handled at a single time. Adjacently, the employer will be also be able to provide constant support services to the customer.

5. High Authentication
Security is one of the primary concerns while accessing mobile applications. By deeply analyzing the user behavior the threats and vulnerability while browsing an app can be alerted. With the leverage of AI apps, the user can be protected from cyber-attacks. Also through its predictive analysis the loopholes at the time of coding or development done by programmers can be diminished.

6. Daily Applications
For travel and tourism purpose artificial intelligence proves to be very much significant. With the generation of computer-generation pictures, the real view of any unknown place can be found. The nearby places can also be easily traced. Additionally, for the identification of any person through its face recognition artificial intelligence technology proves to be worthwhile.

Apart from mobile applications artificial intelligence is extending its applications in the field of smart home technology, computers and other diversified items. The way of interaction between a consumer and products is quite frequently changing with the advancement of artificial intelligence in mobile applications.
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Restaurant App Development: Features and Opportunities
By Admin / 27 Sep 2018
Searching the restaurants on the basis of location is nowadays very much common. Almost every restaurant location is available on the Google Maps. Although, by adding distinct functionality features your restaurant app can become remarkable and notable among users.

Here, we have shared some enhanced features that can be added while developing a mobile application of restaurant. By considering these aspects, the app can be made more engaging and appealing to the audience.

1. Chatbots: For the quick conversation with a user the restaurant app can also provide the functionality feature of adding a chatbot. Through it, a human-made conversation can be done with the computer programs. It assists the user by answering the relevant answers. Adding, it also helps in browsing and searching any item in the entire application.

2. Social Media Sharing: For making your app reach more number of people it should be highly engaging and attractive. By embedding videos and images the people will be interested to subscribe and follow the restaurant app on distinct social media platforms. Also by continuously putting engaging, content the people will love to share your app with the relatives, friends and other groups.

3. Push Messages: Without opening your app the user must be able to know the latest updates of the restaurant. With the leverage of push messages or notification customer must be made aware of discounts, alerts on coupons, special meals and lots more. It will grab the attention of the user towards the restaurant app before anyone else seeks their attention. Through the emails, SMS and push notifications the customer can be informed up to the minute information about any event, offers or activities that are going to happen in the restaurant.

4. Taking Orders: With the aid of an app, the customer can place the order themselves from the table. The order taker person doesn’t need to come to your desk for taking orders. It saves the time for taking the order and sending the same to the crew of workers working in the kitchen. Directly, the order will be received by the cookers and reduce the labor man-work. By taking orders online the user can view their order number, rejection/acceptance of an order or any update on order completion.

5. Online Payment System: The world is getting digitized and people no longer like to carry cash in the pocket. Simply, by entering the secret pin number and debit/credit card details the payment can be processed up. It makes the customer feel free from the hassles of exchanging notes and giving tip to the servant at the time of payment.

Apart from the above-discussed methods, there are references, referral code and other unique ways to allure the customer towards the app. Different types of custom apps for restaurants can be created. Like as app for managing distinct things by restaurant owners, application for delivery boys or restaurant app only for users. Depending upon the vital things specification of the restaurant app do varies and it’s costing.

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