ERP-Saraswati Education & Medical Trust


Saraswati and Medical Education trust is having two campus inside which consist of English Medium School and Gujarati Medium School which serves students from Nursery to Science Students. The KG Section was started in 2005, by over the years it has grown to accommodate children from all walks of life. Today, it has 2800+ students on roll from KG to Std. 12th in English & Gujarati Medium.We believe, will promote an element of confidence, maturity and courage in students. Every child is gifted. We aim to tap their latent potential, to develop it to its fullest... thus preparing them for life. Besides academics, there is emphasis on sports (Indoor & Outdoor) and other activities like Karate, Yoga, Rifle Shooting, Dance, Bharatnatyam, Skating, Archery, Darting etc.. The students are also trained in Spoken English, UCMAS, Handwriting, Elocution, Public Speaking etc. These activities are compulsory for all the students and are a part of the curriculum.

Challenges faced by SEMT

1. They used Excel sheets to maintain their data which is most time consuming and less reliable approach.

2. All the database was being recorded only on paper. It was highly insecure and unsafe to keep the confidential and sensitive information on paper which can be easily crumbled.

3. The finance department was not having accurate and quick access towards fees dues and other financial transactions .

4. Lack of streamline flow of work between the two entities.

5. No accurate and prompt reporting facility.

6. Not a proper track of the daily activities and detailed insights.

7. All the communications were made verbal. It makes lead to a person-to-person communication for tracking out in-depth information of a specified consumer.

Solutions We Proffer

With the help of out proposed application, they have mentioned facilities in-house:

1. They have exact financial numbers which includes fees due with due date, fees per division/school etc.

2. System will manage payroll in which they can manage advance, dues, leaves etc. They can generate payroll sheet on single clicks with all essentials information.

3. Automated result scheduler will publish result on mobile application on desired date and time.

4. They can access number of students enrolled in activities they are offering as extra curricular.

5. Best part of system is they can generate mark sheets on single click for internal and unit tests.

6. Inventory module helps them to know current status of inventory category wise, also they can have insights of inventory usage during specific period to know consumption.

7. Attendance system is most useful module of this system as it has reduced their manual attendance system's limitation.